The Loch Season 1 Episode 5

Original Title : The Loch Season 1 Episode 5 : Episode 5
Title : The Loch Season 1 Episode 5
Season Number : 1
Episodes Number : 5
Genre : Crime, Drama
Air Date : 2017-07-09
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Overview : Craig Petrie visits Dessie to remind him the college trip to the hydroelectric dam is still on. Dessie's mother Mhari has doubts. Petrie insists it will do the kids good. Kieran arrives at Dessie's as Petrie is leaving. He agrees to join the excursion. In the investigation, Marr continues to be a person of interest and when a police search warrant is granted and his house and possessions are pulled apart, he finally snaps and goes after Evie, to put an end to what he sees as her campaign of hatred. In doing so, his secrets are revealed..